Tuesday, October 17, 2017

She Walks Tall Among the Wolves

Day-16 OctPoWriMo-2017 (Prompt-Losing your Fears and Tears )

She was trapped in her own shadows

The doors closed on her when she tried to open the windows

The stench surrounding that place was a hell of distress

The evenings traumatized her living days

She did everything in her power to break the shackles

How can she fight the demons sheltered in her homestead?

Their power harnessed in their eyes and hands

The power of  domination and muscled strengths

Years went by and there was no hope to fight the evil

The soul was dead and so was the power of resilience.

The gray shadows grew with changing seasons.

How long can one lay in that stained existence?

There must be something one is born to fight and sustain

One day she understood her worth

She was the universal truth

A powerful force born on this earth

She was  packed with endowed gifts

Patience, compassion, love, and faith were her companions

These were the weapons to fight the demons

And how she fought back!

A phoenix  was out of the ashes

She walked tall leaving her footprints

On the sands of time for the future generations.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Caught in a web of hatred

Day-15 OctPoWriMo-2017 (Prompt-Fighting the Urge to Vomit )

Image taken from google.

When I open the newspaper in the morning
I kind of get nausea while reading
The mayhem across the heartless world, where bloodthirsty hounds go killing
Without batting an eyelid, they fire at the innocents and leave them bleeding.

Where terror is disguised and misguided
The mind is wrapped and destroyed
Where greed takes the upper hand
No deadline for this madness to end

There are thousands who go hungry
Getting bombed and left to wander helplessly
Their stained bodies on canvas for display.

I am also a culprit, a self-centered soul
Living happily in my cozy world 
 I can only get angry and feel sorry.

Movements and Words

Day 14 OctPoWriMo-2017 (Prompt-Movement and Words )

Many times
On the 
Verge of
Eternal insanity
Mind play games
Engaging in a spherical
Nuclei of emotions
Through a swirl of
Stumped silence.
Ancient images 
Nonchalantly gaze in the
Dynamic sepia shades.
Wanderlust resisted
Over a period of time
Reignites motions 
Drumming in, love for life
Sweet surrender follows.

Friday, October 13, 2017

They called her "The Misfit"

Day 13 OctPoWriMo -2017 (Prompt- Art In The Wayward Mind )

A woman in pants

With a cigar in her hands

A weird looking gaze

With a short mustache

And her crooked body

Became a topic to chase.

Her head covered with feathers

She sneered at the tongue waggers

She crossed every bridge with pride

Living on her own terms

She let the world eat a humble pie

When she attained fame far and wide.

A painter with a substance she was

Who stuck to her roots

In awe of her feisty halo

The one and only one Frida Kahlo.

Once I came across the prompt I started to wonder what to write. I don't want to put myself there as I am still working my way. This is one woman who inspires me the most. How she made her creative talent to rise above her physical imperfection. Hope we inherit atleast ten percent of her courage to fight against the odds.

Chasing Images

 Day-12 OctPoWriMo-2017  (Prompt-Imagination Stands in the Road)

Image is taken from google.

Hiding among the  clouds, a ray of sunshine tempts
To write poetic praises, weaving flowery verses.
A line of  a musical note chases away the blues
To let imagination unearth the trapped muse.

Leaps through mountains and valleys 
Breathes beauty in the sun, moon, and the stars
Finds muse in the fragrant flowers, meadows, and seasons.

It  caresses nature, with magical odes
Creating a panorama, with epic words.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Dancing in brokenness

Day 11-OctPoWriMo-2017 (Prompt- Move Your Body Move your Words )

Image from Google.


 the words flow

in a rhythm of its own

when the broken heart swings

with your memories.

Sighing softly 

I merge with you

in the dreamy world 

to a perfectly synchronized

pagan dance.


we move

in an aching rhapsody

to a passionately roaring


Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Day 10 OctPoWriMo-2017  (Prompt-Power and Control )

Image from google.

Power, a weapon
It kills
It dominates
It empowers
It controls
It ignites freedom.

Power, a word
Unites people
Erase borders
Build bridges
Pen paens
Touches heart.

Power, a beacon
Empowers genders
Equalize ambitions
Fulfill dreams
Enhance kindness
Harmonize nations.